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Nintendo Switch 2 Launch Date Leaked With Two Variants like PS5

The Nintendo Switch has been around since 2017 and it’s about time we got to see a successor now. In fact, it might be coming as soon as next year with two different models, according to a new leak. Oct 7, 2023

The leak comes from a notable tipster SoldierDelta who also leaked a possible pricing as well as the exact time frame for the new console’s launch. Soldier Delta says that the new Nintendo Switch duo has an internal name called NG and they are set to launch precisely at September 24, 2024.

The release date for the console might also be set for November 2024, as there appears to be a “placeholder” within this timeframe. Furthermore, at launch, two models will be offered: a standard model priced at $499 US and a digital-only option available for $400 US.

It appears that Nintendo is trying to go the same route as the Xbox and PlayStation 5, offering digital and standard editions of their consoles that allow you to use discs or save money for not using them.

While Soldier Delta has demonstrated access to confidential information, it’s important to approach all their revelations with caution. Nevertheless, a September 2024 release date seems highly plausible, especially in light of recent discoveries hinting at a substantial marketing campaign scheduled for June to August 2024, possibly in support of the console’s launch.

Since we are still a year away from its launch, we expect to hear more details in 2024 instead.


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