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7 Best Electric Bikes In Pakistan 2023 – Riding Into The Future


Pakistan is not an exception to the global trend toward sustainable mobility. The introduction of electric bikes in Pakistan has given the nation’s busy streets and picturesque landscapes a new wave of eco-friendly commuting options. Electric bikes are more widely available than ever in 2023, providing a great way to reduce traffic and pollution. We’ll examine the top seven electric bikes in Pakistan in this post, taking into account their specifications, capabilities, and costs.

Best Electric Bikes in Pakistan

1. Jolta Electric Bike

Price PKR 65,000 (Approximately)
Brand Jolta Electric

Those wishing to make their daily commute more environmentally friendly might consider the Jolta Electric Bike as a viable choice. This bike has a stylish design, a durable electric motor, and an approximate 70-kilometer range on a single charge. It can go as fast as 45 km/h. It would be ideal for urban commuters seeking a cheap and efficient travel.Its tiny size and ease of movement through congested metropolitan streets make it a fantastic option for daily transportation. To boost evening safety, the bike also incorporates LED lights.

2. Crown CR1 Electric Bike

Price PKR 85,000 (Approximately)
Brand Crown Electric

The Crown CR1 Electric Bike is a versatile choice for both city and suburban riders. It has an 80-kilometer range and a top speed of 50 km/h thanks to its strong motor and durable battery. Its robust construction ensures endurance, making it a fantastic long-term investment.The bike has a digital display that provides important details like speed, battery life, and distance traveled. The vehicle’s front and rear disc brakes provide dependable stopping power even at greater speeds, and its durable aluminum chassis ensures endurance.

3. Roadmaster RM E-Bike

Price PKR 110,000 (Approximately)
Brand Roadmaster Electric

Roadmaster’s RM E-Bike is designed for those who crave adventure.It is capable of handling tough terrain with ease because to its sturdy frame and suspension system. This electric bike is a great option for riders wishing to explore Pakistan’s beautiful landscapes because it has a top speed of 60 km/h and an incredible range of 100 km.On rocky terrain, its strong suspension setup and knobby tires offer good traction and stability. A 96V battery pack, which provides the bike with exceptional range and power, is included. The comfortable saddle and ergonomic handlebars make long rides enjoyable.

4. Superpower SP 70 Electric Scooter

Price PKR 55,000 (Approximately)
Brand Superpower Electric

The Superpower SP 70 Electric Scooter is a compact and affordable option for daily commuters.Its range of 60 kilometers and top speed of 40 kilometers per hour make it perfect for negotiating city traffic. It’s a great option for newbies thanks to its user-friendly features and lightweight design.The scooter is simple to park and store in tight locations thanks to its streamlined design and foldable handlebars. Regenerativ braking is also included, which helps preserve battery life when riding.

5. Eagle Firefly Electric Bike

Price PKR 95,000 (Approximately)
Brand Eagle Electric

The Eagle Firefly Electric Bike offers a combination of style and performance. It is ideal for riding in cities and suburban areas because it has a top speed of 55 km/h and a range of 70 km. It is a popular option among lovers of electric bikes due to its contemporary style and cozy seating.Long distance rides are comfortable for the user because to the bike’s ergonomic design. The digital display screen shows information in real time concerning speed, battery life, and other things. Additionally, a USB charging connector is included, enabling users to charge their gadgets while on the go.

6. Ravi Hamsafar Electric Scooter

Price PKR 75,000 (Approximately)
Brand Ravi Electric

For individuals on a tight budget looking for an environmentally responsible method of transportation, the Ravi Hamsafar Electric Scooter is a good choice. It’s ideal for daily travel with a range of 65 kilometers and a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour. It is a great option for city people due to its small size and low care needs. The scooter’s shape makes it simple to navigate on congested metropolitan streets. It has a sizable storage space under the seat that is useful for carrying groceries or other stuff.

7. United Alpha Electric Bike

Price PKR 120,000 (Approximately)
Brand United Electric

The United Alpha Electric Bike is a premium choice for riders who demand both performance and style. It is ideal for individuals seeking for a high-performance electric bike because it has a top speed of 65 km/h and a range of 90 km. It is a top contender in the industry because to its cutting-edge features and stylish appearance. Modern technologies like smartphone connectivity, GPS navigation, and anti-theft technology are included with the bike. It stands out as a top choice for enthusiasts seeking both performance and aesthetics thanks to its chic design and meticulous attention to detail.



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