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Seres 3 Electric Car is Coming to Pakistan With Affordable Price and Long Range


Regal Automobile (DFSK) is all set to launch the locally assembled SERES 3 Electric Vehicle (EV) in Pakistan. Earlier, it had been reported that the company will launch two EVs and one of them will be the Seres 3.

Due to the soaring fuel costs, auto manufacturers as well as consumers have turned their focus towards electric cars.

Regal Motors will reportedly be launching both CKD and CBU units, with each having a different price tag. The Seres 3 CBU will be available at a price tag of Rs. 11,799,000 and its booking will cost Rs. 5,000,000. It will be delivered in a period of three months.

Similarly, the price of locally assembled Seres 3 has been set at Rs. 9,599,000. The booking will cost Rs. 3,000,000 and its expected delivery time is March 2024.

Recently, Regal Motors offered test drives and one of the individuals who got behind the wheel of Seres 3 shared his thoughts.

It has been described as ‘more economical, soundless, and environmentally friendly car with a thrill of enjoying instant torque.’ The EV achieves a speed of 100 km/h from a standstill in just 9 seconds.

The manufacturers promise an impressive 400 km range under ideal conditions with a fully charged 50 kWh battery. The test driver stated the Seres 3 was fully charged at home from 30% by 6 AM, having been plugged in at 11 PM the previous night.

This eliminates the need for finding a charging station if you are living in a city as you can easily charge it at home. It is still unclear as to when we can expect this EV to be launched in Pakistan. Earlier in September, it was slated for a mid-October launch.



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