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Crown Unveils Benling E-Bike and E-Scooty in Pakistan


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Crown Group is officially entering the electric vehicles (EV) market as it unveiled new electric two-wheelers, the Benling E-Bike and Benling E-Scooty in Pakistan, at the Pakistan Auto Show (PAPS) 2023 in collaboration with Dongjin Group and Benling Group.

According to the details, these two electric bikes will be available with an 18-month warranty for motor and battery.

Crown Electric Scooty Contqact Number: Contact Number: 03461110053/06821000912

Here are the details regarding specifications:

Crown / Benling E-Scooty

The Crown / Benling E-Scooty will be available in three different variants, including:

  • 72V/ 32AMP – 120 Kilometers Mileage
  • 60V/ 32AMP – 105 Kilometers Mileage
  • 72V/ 20AMP – 70 Kilometers Mileage

    In the last few years, Pakistan’s auto industry has seen a growing shift towards environmentally friendly electric vehicles (EVs).


    Several companies have launched EVs in the local market, particularly affordable bikes. In such an instance, Crown Group in collaboration with its Chinese partners Dongjin and Benling Groups has unveiled two electric bikes.

    The bikes were presented at the recently held Pakistan Auto Show (PAPS) 2023 in Karachi. They are the “Benling E-Scooty” and the “Benling E-Bike”. According to details, the company is offering an 18-month motor and battery warranty.


    The Benling E-Scooty will be available in three variants, each offering different mileage range options. Here are their details:

    • 72V/ 32AMP – 120km Per Charge
    • 60V/ 32AMP – 105km Per Charge
    • 72V/ 20AMP – 70km Per Charge

    Here is a detailed comparison of the specifications and features of the E-Bike and E-Scooty.

    Specification Benling E-Scooty Benling E-Bike
    Motor 1000W Brushless 1000W Brushless
    Battery Type 60V/32Ah 72V/32Ah
    Controller Intelligent Controller 15 tube with four-speed mode
    Charging Time 8 Hours 6-8 Hours
    Dimensions (mm) 1850 x 700 x 1080 1770 x 690 x 1110
    Maximum Speed 50 Km/h 60 Km/h
    Range 100 Km – 105 Km 100 Km – 105 Km
    Wheelbase (mm) 1330 1110
    Ground Clearance (mm) 130 130
    Loading Capacity 200 kgs 200 kgs
    Net Weight 113 kgs 80 kgs
    Available Colors Black, Blue, Red, Grey, White N/A


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