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PTI Karachi is organizing Bike rally on Monday 25th

PTI Karachi is organizing Bike rally on Monday 25th April at 9 PM against Imported Government. Rally Start point will be Millinieum Mall & Ending Point will be Dilpasand Board Office Nazimabad.

The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) party plans to hold a motorcycle rally from Karachi’s Millenium Mall to the North Nazimabad Board Office area 21:00 April 25. The event is to commemorate the party’s founding day and denounce the recent collapse of the PTI government. Hundreds of people are likely to attend the rally, prompting security measures and localized disruptions. Additional unannounced demonstrations may occur in Karachi, mainly at political party offices, public squares, and major traffic intersections. Counter demonstrations cannot be ruled out.

Heightened security and localized traffic disruptions are certain along the rally route and any other protest sites. Typical security measures include increased security deployment and road closures. PTI supporters may clash with police and/or rival party members. Security personnel may use tear gas or water cannons to forcibly disperse disruptive crowds. Routes most likely to be impacted include Rashid Minhas, Sher Shah Suri, Sir Shah Muhammad Suleman, and Shahrah-e-Pakistan roads. Ground travel delays may affect transit to the Jinnah International Airport (KHI).


Avoid the rally and any related protests as a precaution. Avoid navigating roadblocks due to the risk of violence. Confirm business appointments, road status, and travel reservations in the affected area the evening of April 25, Plan for travel delays, including to KHI. If clashes break out, leave the area immediately and seek shelter at a safe non-government building. Monitor trusted local media for updates as organizers may change plans at short notice

The PTI chief and former prime minister Imran Khan will arrive in Karachi at 4 pm today for the public meeting. He will address the rally at around 10:00 am..

According to NOC issued by the district administration, PTI will have to end the power show till 12:00 midnight while the use of weapons are prohibited in the public meeting.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan also took to Twitter on Friday to request party supporters to carry the Pakistan flag at its Karachi rally.

We were exhausted after a long day of travel, so we headed back to the hotel and crashed.

“My request to all those attending our jalsa in Karachi is to carry our Pakistan flag as this is now a fight for Pakistan’s sovereignty & haqeeqi (real) democracy, & against US-instigated regime change, supported by local Mir Jafars,” he tweeted.

lTraffic Police have also announced the substitute routes for PTI’s April 16 public rally.

Traffic coming through Shahrah-e-Quadeen will be diverted to Khalid Bin Waleed Road.

Motorists coming from University Road will be diverted onto Shaheed Millat Expressway.

Traffic coming from Jail Chowrangi to Jamshed Road will be diverted towards Soldier Bazaar and Business Recorder Road. The public will not be allowed to go from Regal Chowk to New MA Jinnah Road, Corridor 3

Buses, minibuses and other heavy traffic coming from Nazimabad and Teen Hatti will not be allowed to go to Gurumandir from Lasbela

Traffic coming from MA Jinnah Road’s Tibet signal will be diverted from Capri to Soldier Bazaar No. 1, Bahadur Yar Jang Road. Heavy traffic will be prohibited from Liaquatabad No. 10 to Teen Hatti and Gurumandir.

Parking facility and routes for participants

Parking lots will be available at the Tai Karate Ground, China Ground on Kashmir Road, Excise Chowrangi (Jigar Muradabadi), Nishtar Park and Mazar-e-Quaid (VIP) Gate.

The participants coming from within Sindh can come from Sohrab Goth and reach the Tai Karate Ground by passing through Water Pump, Liaquatabad, Post Office, Gurumandir and Nishtar Park

The participants from Central District can come via Liaquatabad Post Office, Gurumandir, and park their vehicles at the Tai Karate Ground.

Similarly, the rally participants from the South district and Korangi can arrive via Sharea Faisal and Sharea Quaideen and park their vehicles near the Khudadad Colony Underpass at the Society Office traffic signal.

The participants arriving from the West district via Pak Colony can drive through Shah Nawaz Bhutto Chowk, Rexer Lane traffic signal, Garden Chowk and MA Jinnah Road, and park their vehicle at the Tai Karate Ground.

The participants coming from the Thatta and Malir districts and District East via Sharea Faisal can park their vehicles near the Dawood Engineering University (Islamia College) via Karsaz, Stadium Road and the New Town Jail Road flyover.

The public is requested to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and traffic police to avoid any inconvenience. unannounced gatherings. Follow all security and traffic advisories.



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